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HELP FOR PARENTS - Easy-Spelling is for parents who need spelling support for a child because,
  • The child is falling behind with his/her spelling
  • The child is self-conscious about his/her poor spelling
  • The child does not seem to understand the 'standard' spelling/reading instruction
FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS Easy-Spelling helps those for whom English is not their first language.
  • Improves pronunciation (if it cannot be pronounced, it probably cannot be spelled, too)
  • Makes sense of what seems to be a chaotic language
  • Offers Advanced career prospects
  • Boosts communication skills
FOR TEACHERS Easy-Spelling is for teachers who need extra Home spelling sources.
  • Gives phonic instruction
  • Provides teachers a home support option for slow learners
  • Includes reading and spelling games
  • Offers teachers a training path
  • Supplies comprehensive resources for grammar, sound dictionary (3000 words), and lists of:

    Irregular Verbs
    Prefix and Suffix
    Compound Words
    Blends and Digraphs
    and more...

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What is Easy-Spelling ?

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Easy Spelling


Through our online spelling courses, students will be able to:


Learn to spell
Learn to read
Learn (basic) grammar


Easy-Spelling  provides the easiest way of spelling you can find anywhere. As the core of its philosophy, Easy-Spelling  applies (evidence-based) phonic-driven approach, and it is designed to support your mastery of English spelling. Backed by forty-five years of successful teaching experience, our focus on providing you the necessary skills to learn spelling English correctly. 


Why improve spelling? 
Throughout the course, there were some awkward moments, as shown in the screen dump below. You can call these Spelling methods.  

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You will learn to spell - that's our promise.

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Finally a spelling method that works

I grew up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. I was fifty-four years old when I was introduced to the Jeanne Lamond Method. I couldn't spell a word. After a month of study, I was only able to read 300 words and spell 297 words. Now I can write poems and texts, and read short stories. My dream has come true.


Roselea (Australia)

Coming from China, I was well educated. I could read and write English, but my spelling was horrible. For instance, I could read the word "because", but always got the spelling mixed up.
Then I heard about this course from a Chinese friend. After completing it, and with practice, I can now spell most of the words that I am ever likely to use. 



When I went to school a long time ago, I was considered stupid. However, I was later diagnosed as dyslexic. Nevertheless, as a dyslexic or not, I made so many spelling mistakes that I was embarrassed about any writing I did and so did not show anyone.

A few years ago, I did the Jenny Lamond Course, and now I am fine at spelling. It makes sense of spelling. I don't have to remember the letters or their sequence. Now I look to see if it is a swimming pool word, or talk to my pencil, and the correct spelling usually comes. I feel much more confident. 



Easy-Spelling delivered on its promise. It was different, I have done other spelling courses, and I can say that there are none like this. The lessons were uniquely simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed it.


Bernard Kanhema, South Africa

We want you to have quick success.

The course starts by teaching you how to easily the decode words that are phonetic, giving you roughly a third of your word usage. The Jenny Lamond Method teaches you 'patterns' so that you can sort out phonic and non-phonetic spelling. For this purpose, we give you a story for each pattern to make you remember them easily.

Research shows that many foreign students have difficulty with English spelling and would like easy-to-use methods to help improve their spelling skills. For example, there are many Chinese students who study at university in Australia, but their writing and spelling skills in English are not good enough for them to keep up, so they fail their courses. For more information, Click Here

The course is designed as a self-tutoring course, but we provide the best practice with the latest 'Distance Learning Methods'. There are around fifty videos and twenty audio clips that support the written and visual instructions. Besides, they will help you identify English word pronunciation. By working through the activities and doing the 'decoding work', you will immediately improve your English spelling skills. But that's not all; as English is such a complex language, this course gives you methods that will help your progress well into the future.

Easy-Spelling is spelling easy

We guarantee that you will learn quickly, and understand the process without memorising long lists of words. The aim of the program is to enable you to think about words and understand them. Starting with hearing sounds, writing words, and understanding some basic 'pattens' for constructing words, you will continuing building word families and compiling individual lists of useful words. You will be thinking more purposefully and confidently about English words.


Easy-spelling teaches pronunciation, such as;


Description automatically generatedpronunciation is pronounced
pruh-nuhn-see-a-shn (which means how to say a word)

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  Learn, don't memorise!


After successful completion of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate. You will know how to spell, and your reading skills will have improved.

Easy spelling is simple with us

When you register, you get two free lessons, Basic Grammar and Punctuation, and an Extra Mastery Page. The Extra Mastery Page contains about twenty pages of useful hints, such as compound words, spelling rules for singular/plural spellings and a list of similar words and their meanings. By using these two free lessons you will greatly improve your English writing skills.

Why not visit the FAQ page (at the bottom of this page) to learn more?

To take control of your English spelling

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