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Terms and Conditions

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(A) Introduction

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for this website.

Please read these T&C carefully before signing up to our course or viewing this site. The T&C pertain to both the website and the Easy-Spelling company. The company Easy-Spelling is a division of Heartspace Publications.

By ticking the appropriate box, and your use of this site, tacitly reflects your acceptance of the T&C.

Easy-Spelling will amend these T&C occasionally. Therefore, the responsibility is upon the site user to remain appraised of current T&C.

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(B) General

These T&C will not be wavered, and are the way that you conduct business with us, and how we conduct business with you.
The student, or web browsers, do not have the right to amend the T&C or to ignore them. Easy-Spelling grants the student permission to “work their lessons” on this Website for the duration of the course paid for.
By registering as a student, and using this website, no ownership of the course, the material, or the branding rights are conferred onto you. You accept that you do not have the right to make any claim against Easy-Spelling; as a result of our services or website inadequacies to any other party.

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(C) Defenitions

In these T&C we offer the following definitions
The product is our website, our service, and spelling course.
Personal details are the details that we collect from students upon registration, before commencing the course. is the location that the lessons are held. Fee/Payment is the payment (or fee) cost to a student to benefit from the course
Copyright and trademark; Our trademark is our property and colour thereof forms our branding. The courses, and logo we offer are under copyright law. Both are the property of Easy-Spelling.
The operating country is the hosting country of Easy-Spelling. This is currently Australia.

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(D) Payment

License to utilise our course will only be given upon the payment in full of the course fee. Payments details are on our Registration Page.
There is no cancellation once you have created login details. However, if you have changed your mind, before you create login details, and providing it is within five (5) working days, please email your refund request to Refunds will be returned, less 15% administration fee.
Once you have logged on to our website, but wish to terminate your course activity, there is no refund. However, we would appreciate you informing us on as to why you want to terminate. We use this information to reduce student “fall off”.
Should you breach any of the T&C of this site we have the option to terminate you access to the course.

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(F) Website Preference

Easy-Spelling has taken every necessary precaution, to ensure it functions correctly, and to have no “down-time”
However, we accept no liability for any loss as a result of the site malfunction or down time. We will endeavour to get it back on line as a top priority.
Students must be aware that system upgrades will be done from time to time. This could disrupt normal functionality for its duration.

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(G) Trademarks/Copyright

Easy-Spelling does not accept liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages to any user or organisation as defined by that/those users.
In affect, there are no damages that Easy-Spelling will be responsible for, or from; caused by malfunction, being off-line, latent bugs, or for any reason whatsoever pertaining to our website Easy-Spelling; and or our service delivery. We are further indemnified against hacking or theft of data (in our databases) by devious means.
Nor will we be liable for any perceived loss by yourself, irrespective of the cause.
You use this website at your own risk.
By using our website or services you indemnify Easy-Spelling (the company and the website) from any damage as reflected above, or items not reflected above.

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(I) Agreement

By using this website, you agree to all the T&C herein.
You also agree that the T&C fall under Australian law (Victoria), and any legal proceedings will be in Victoria, Australia.