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Aim: introduce the Sound Dictionary. We suggest that once you work through the Sound Dictionary as you will gain a better sense sounds that make up English words.

Index to the Sound Dictionary 

Below is the index to the Sound Dictionary. It is a wonderful resource bot students and teachers.
The first sound group (in green, and is safe) is sound group number 1. This is a (for apple).

Remember, the sound groups are (mainly) 'Phonic', saying their sound. A few say their name.

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This Index is a reference guide to find any sound in the full Sound Dictionary in the next Activity.

Print out or copy the index, and put it in your Decoding Book under the correct heading at the start of the Sound Groups

(green) (red)
Sound Group Sound Group no. Sound Sound Group Sound Group no. Sound
a 1 apple a 2 angel
e 3 egg e 4 emu
i 5 igloo i 6 ice
o 7 orange o 8 open
u 9 umbrella u 10 uniform
oo 11 book oo 12 hoop
safe – so it says its sound danger – so it says its sound
Sound Group Sound Group no. Sound Sound Group Sound Group no. Sound
ow 13 owl ch 30 chop
oy 14 boy t 31 top
r 15 rabbit z 32 zoo
ar 16 car zh 33 measure
er 17 clever y 34 year
air 18 chair w 35 web
eer 19 cheer m 36 man
or 20 paw n 37 nest
k 21 kitten ng 38 sing
s 22 snakes d 39 hide
g 23 gun b 40 baby
j 24 jug p 41 pig
I 25 full h 42 hat
f 26 fish Letter-Based Groups
(Same letters-different sounds)
v 27 van
th 28 three ough
sh 29 ship augh
Irregular Words
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Phonic Symbols Used

Throughout this course, reference to the alphabet name of a letter is indicated by the use of bold: a, b.

When we refer to the sound of a letter, phonetic symbols are used and placed between slashes: /ae /, / b / etc, or highlighted, ae, b, etc.

The following table gives the internationally recognised phonic symbol for each sound. For students, precise analysis of the sound is not required. We offer it for interest only. However, teachers will find it a useful resource.

Symbol Sound Symbol Sound
a car m mice
æ had n nut
ai sigh n sign
aU cow so
b button ɒ hot
d din ɔ or
d3 jelly ɔ boy
ɛ head P pin
ɛə air r ran
3 bird s snake
say ʃ show
f fin t tin
g gate chip
h head θ, δ thin, then
i seat u boot
I sit ʊ book
ɪə hear V Vine
j xes A byt
ju you W win
k at,ettle Z zoo
l let 3 measure(zh)


So close this page and open the Sound Dictionary and start browsing Word-Families.