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Easy spelling, success in your words

Improve Your English Spelling Faster With Us

Our course is flexible:

  • learn at a time and pace that suits you 
  • save time by learning in the comfort of your home
  • affordable, easy to do, and fun
  • get results quickly

Easy-Spelling is method not memory


The course is designed for the very-early-learning-student (with parental guidance), to the advanced academic level of higher education with progression through all the phases. 





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Accents and pronunciation

This course is especially important for non-English speakers because often they mis-pronounce words. For example, you just read the word often;


Description automatically generatedoften is pronounced

So if they say often with the t they will be embarrassed.


Description automatically generated               
sound is pronounced


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practice is pronounced



Description automatically generatedpronunciation is  pronounced


Pronunciation is how the word is said. Throughout this course you will learn the correct pronunciation for hundreds of words. 

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This course is a companion to the successful book Discovering Reading and Spelling Through Sound by Jenny Lamond and Paul Whiting Ph.D.

Research has shown that (evidence-based) phonics instruction in reading and spelling is an integral requirement for the decoding of reading and spelling, particularly in early learning.

You may not be in school, but while doing this course consider yourself a student.

                                                      With us you can!

The importance of help, especially with Learning Disabilities

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The difficulties of English spelling confuse even native speakers, let alone those trying to learn English. The Jenny Lamond Method (JLM) is designed to help you become efficient in spelling writing English, and basic reading.

By working through this course at your own pace, you will become a good speller and reader. If you do at least five sessions of around forty minutes a week, you will improve faster than you think.

Learn To Spell
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Test Easy-Spelling for yourself


Quick Success

Our course starts off by teaching you how to easily decode words that are phonetic, giving you roughly a third of your word usage. The Jenny Lamond Method teaches you 'patterns' so that you can decode phonic and non-phonetic spelling. For each pattern, we give you a story so you can easily remember the pattern.

Research shows that many foreign students have difficulty with English spelling, and would like easy-to-use methods to help improve their spelling skills. For example, there are many Chinese students who study at university level in Australia, but their writing and spelling of English is simply not good enough for them to keep up, so they fail their courses.

Discovering Reading and Spelling Through Sound was designed to help students overcome their difficulties with English spelling, irrespective of their native language. The JLM has forty-five years of success behind it. This course has been redesigned so a student who can already read basic English can work through it to improve their spelling and writing.

The course is designed as a self-tutoring course, but with the latest 'Distance Learning Methods' as best practice. There are around fifty videos and twenty audio clips that support the written and visual instructions. They will also help you identify English word pronunciation. By working through the activities and doing the 'decoding work', you will immediately improve your English spelling. However, it does not stop there. Because English is such a complex language, this course gives you methods so you can keep improving well into the future.

Easy-Spelling is spelling easy

Jenny Lamond was awarded the Order of Australia medal by the Prime Minister for her work in education!


We guarantee that you will learn quickly, that you will understand the process, and that you will not have to memorise long lists of words. The aim of the program is to enable you to think about words and understand them. Starting with hearing sounds, writing words, and understanding some basic 'Pattens' for constructing words, you then go on to build word families and compile individual lists of useful words. You will be thinking more purposefully and confidently about English words.


Saying a word is 'hearing' a word


The English language comes from many different languages, which means it lacks the consistency that other languages may have. There are many tricky differences which will affect your understanding and pronunciation.

Easy-spelling, success in your words

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  Learn, don't memorise!


There are twenty-one activities in the course. Each takes around two hours to complete (but we suggest doing no more than forty-five minute a sessions).


At the successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate. You will know how to spell and your reading will have improved.

Easy spelling is within reach

When you register we give you two free lessons, Basic Grammar and Punctuation, and an Extra Mastery Page. The Extra Mastery Page contains about twenty pages of useful hints, such as a list of compound words, singular/plural spellings and a list of similar words and their meanings. By working through these two free lessons, you will greatly improve your English writing.

Why not pop over to the FAQ page (see the bottom of this page) to learn more.

To take control of your English spelling

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